A Creative Adventure

Each child is on their own creative journey. We provide each child with creative tools and experiences, extending on their own curiosities.

Children's Art Wall — Early Learning Centre Maudsland,QLD

Creative Art Portfolios

Throughout the year at Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure, families are encouraged to be involved in their child’s learning. Children are provided with many of opportunities throughout each day, to be creative and explore their world. Each child has their own individual online portfolio where individual learning stories, group learning stories and the classrooms daily learning journeys are recorded and shared with families. 

Being creative involves nurturing each child’s interests, supporting them to express their ideas, and encouraging them to work with others to come up with solutions. Children are creative in nearly everything they do which adds value to their lives and allows them to look beyond to all kinds of possibilities. It is a way of thinking, enquiring, making, and doing that involves originality of thought and expression.

Interactive Music Classes

Music is an essential part of children’s development. Our interactive music classes are delivered by experienced professionals and support children to gain confidence as well as develop memory, language and co-ordination skills in an enjoyable and multi-sensory way.

Music has an amazing impact on children’s brain development, communication skills, and supports the development of emotional self-regulation. It also provides opportunities for children to interact with their peers, educators, and their environment. Through music, children learn about other cultures using dance, rhymes, chants, and beats, along with telling stories.

Our music classes are run for all age groups-including our babies- and are tailored to suit the developmental needs for each group.

Baby Playing Conga Drum — Early Learning Centre Maudsland,QLD
Little Kid Dancing — Early Learning Centre Maudsland,QLD

Fun Dance Classes

Children love to dance! Sanctuary provides an all-inclusive dance program for children from the age of three years old. With a major emphasis on fun, developing their confidence and building their self-esteem. 

Dance encourages children to be free, release energy and promotes the release of endorphins within their bodies, which makes them joyful and happy; that’s how we want children to feel on a daily basis!

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