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Welcome to Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Maudsland! Our beautiful early learning centre opened in October 2020 and has been offering a calm and nurturing environment to local children ever since. We’re located at the base of the Gold Coast Hinterland. We encourage all parents in our community to meet our team, organise a tour and experience what we have to offer!

Through our curriculum, our educators focus on all aspects of your child’s wellbeing and development, including fostering creativity, instilling life skills and teaching about sustainability. Plus, you can follow your child’s progress through the Storypark mobile app.

Our Maudsland Early Learning Team

Boy with a hat — Early Learning Centre in Maudsland, QLD
Boy with a hat — Early Learning Centre in Maudsland, QLD

A Holistic Educational Experience

Enrolling your child with Sanctuary Maudsland kindergarten will provide them with Early Years Learning Framework goals and STEAM based educational experiences. They will also have access to plenty of fun-filled activities such as yoga, sports, meditation, music and art. They will get to learn, develop and play in a safe, positive and healthy environment from day one.

The centre is purpose built to encourage adventure and inspiration in a safe and balanced way. Whilst we offer energetic exploration through art, dance, sport and cooking; we also understand the need for calm—that’s why we focus on yoga, meditation and mindfulness too.

Find out more about the curriculum and programs we offer; get in touch with our centre today.

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Do you wish that your early learning centre would prioritise the overall health and wellbeing of your child? At Sanctuary Maudsland we take our role in caring for our children seriously.

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Through our programs at Sanctuary Maudsland, our children are exposed to art, music, dance and other creative mediums. Watch them take flight as they express their creative selves!

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Help your child learn the life skills necessary to tackle primary school, young adulthood and beyond. At Sanctuary Maudsland, they’ll get to engage with our Junior Chefs Program, Gardening Club and more.

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For a curriculum based on curiosity and imagination, Sanctuary Maudsland is the centre for you. We also follow the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

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At Sanctuary Maudsland, we’ve adopted Storypark—the private mobile app that enables you to follow your child’s progress. There’ll be an online community board and plenty of photos, videos and observations.

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At Sanctuary Maudsland, we instill the concepts of sustainability and recycling in our children at a young age. As they grow the ideas of recycling and having a respect for people, animals and the land will become second nature.

Quality Childcare for Ages 6 Weeks to 5 Years

At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure, we understand the importance of early childhood development. From the tender age of six weeks to the curious age of five years, every moment is a learning opportunity. Our centre is not just a place for children to spend their day; it’s a place where they embark on adventures, discover new horizons and build a strong foundation for their future.

Our well-equipped facilities, combined with our passionate educators, ensure every child receives the individual attention they deserve. We believe in nurturing their innate curiosity, fostering their creativity and guiding them towards becoming confident learners.

A Quality Childcare
Toddler Playing At Child Care

Our Daycare Educators Focus on Your Child's Health and Well-Being

We prioritise your child’s health and well-being. Our educators are not just trained in early childhood education but are also equipped with the knowledge to ensure your child’s holistic development. We recognise the importance of both mental and physical health. Hence, our curriculum incorporates activities like yoga and meditation, which not only help in physical development but also instil a sense of calm and mindfulness in children. We also offer nutritious meals, ensuring your child receives a balanced diet that fuels their growth and learning.

Child Development Through All Types of Creative Mediums

Creativity is the essence of childhood. At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure, we believe in harnessing this creativity and channelling it through various mediums. Whether it’s through art, music, dance or even cooking, our educators ensure every child gets an opportunity to express themselves.

Our specially designed programs allow children to explore different creative outlets, helping them discover their passions and talents. By exposing them to various creative mediums, we aim to enhance their cognitive, motor and social skills. It’s a joy to watch our little learners take flight as they immerse themselves in creativity.

An Early Childhood Education
An Early Learning Center

Why Choose Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure?

Choosing the right early learning centre for your child is a significant decision. At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure, we offer more than just childcare; we offer an experience. Here are a few reasons to choose us:

With our dedicated team of educators and a curriculum that fosters holistic development, we stand out as the ideal choice for your child’s early learning journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A team of qualified educators who are professional & devoted to your child
  • A caring environment where your child can build meaningful relationships
  • A seasonal menu of meals created in-house by our chef & reviewed by a nutritionist
  • Incredible natural environments for your child to explore & play
  • SunSmart items including sunscreen, t-shirt, protective hat & drink bottle
  • Wipes, nappies & a personal sheet set for each child
  • Access to our online educational platform Storypark—check out how your child’s day is going through your mobile device
  • Educational incursions including music, sport, dance, yoga & more (age dependent) at no additional cost to you
  • Our high-quality Government Approved Kindergarten Program, brought to life by our qualified Early Childhood Teacher

Sanctuary Maudsland is located on Maudsland Road approximately 5 minutes’ drive from Park Lake State School and Oxenford State School; making pick-up and drop-off easy for parents who also have school age children.

Our educational foundation is rooted in the Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. This robust curriculum is meticulously crafted to foster creativity, instil life skills and impart knowledge about sustainability. In addition to this, the centre is a proponent of STEAM-based educational experiences, ensuring children receive a harmonious blend of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics.

At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure, we believe that education should touch every facet of a child’s life. Hence, children enrolled with us are introduced to a wide range of activities, from yoga and sports to meditation, music and art. Our infrastructure is purposefully designed to be a canvas of adventure and inspiration. While it provides avenues for children to indulge in energetic exploration through diverse activities, it simultaneously emphasises the importance of mindfulness.

Absolutely. Beyond conventional education, we have curated unique programs like the Junior Chefs Program and the Gardening Club. These initiatives are not just extracurricular activities but are designed to impart essential life skills. Such programs equip children with the confidence and skills they’ll need as they transition to primary school and eventually into adulthood.

In today’s digital age, we ensure that parents are always connected to their child’s educational journey. Through the Storypark mobile app, parents can seamlessly track their child’s progress. This digital platform offers an interactive community board, enabling parents to view their child’s activities, achievements, photos and videos at the centre.

From early on, children are introduced to the nuances of recycling and the broader implications of showing respect for people, animals and our environment. As these young learners grow, these foundational concepts become an intrinsic part of their worldview.

Yes, at Sanctuary Maudsland, we highly value parental involvement and community engagement. We encourage all parents in our community to meet our team, organise a tour and experience what we have to offer. These interactions provide parents with insights into our curriculum, teaching methodologies and the various activities their children engage in.

You can view our Kindergarten Statement of Fees here

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