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Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Ashmore is a centre like no other in our community! From the moment you walk in our door, through each of the rooms and out to the playground, you will notice each corner of every space has considered the learning adventure of our families and children. 

Our early learning centre has been designed to enhance every child’s learning experience. Both our indoor and outdoor spaces evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity and invite children to explore. Our team of passionate and highly skilled early childhood educators support children to investigate and learn within a safe home-like environment.

Through our curriculum, we focus on all aspects of your children’s wellbeing and development from creativity and life skills to understanding sustainability. You’ll even be able to follow their progress through our Storypark app.

We educate and care for children from six weeks old, right through to school age – get in touch now for more information! 


Naturally Inspired Playground with Ample Play Spaces

Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Ashmore’s naturally inspired playground is set amongst an array of native trees, featuring a rock scramble, stepping logs and a ‘house on the hill’ play fort. Our playground provides inspiration for all kinds of physical and imaginative play.

The exploration opportunities in our playground are endless, with every corner carefully designed and built with a sense of wonder in mind. From the dry creek bed with water pump to the double slide set into the climbing wall, children are provided with open ended play experiences to explore and discover. The sheer excitement on children’s faces is telling of the many adventures they will enjoy during their time with us.

Children Playing at The Playground with Educator — Early Learning Centre in Ashmore, QLD
Children Playing at The Playground with Educator — Early Learning Centre in Ashmore, QLD

Our Early Learning Centres Provide Development in All Areas

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We take the health and wellbeing of our children seriously at Sanctuary Ashmore. Through nutrition, sports, meditation and mindfulness, we introduce our children to important topics and activities.

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Children love to dance! At Sanctuary Ashmore, we encourage them to have lots of fun and develop through creativity—whether that’s movement, art or music based.

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At Sanctuary Ashmore, we run programs such as Junior Chefs and Gardening Club to help instill life skills within our children. We also run incursions where they can engage with police, indigenous elders and others.

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At Sanctuary Ashmore, our curriculum is inspired by curiosity and imagination. Our programs are aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

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What is Storypark you ask? When you enrol your child at Sanctuary Ashmore, you’ll receive access to our mobile app that enables you to share in their journey from one day to the next.

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Sustainability, nature and wildlife are all things that are important for our next generation to get to grips with. At Sanctuary Ashmore we expose our children to these early on to prepare them for the future.

eARLY Childcare eDUCATION AND Development for Six Weeks+

At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Ashmore, we are firm believers in holistic development and education from the earliest possible age. We welcome children from just six weeks old into our nurturing daycare environment. Our team of passionate educators is committed to fostering a love for learning in every child.

We focus on nurturing their physical, emotional and cognitive development with the greatest of care. With a myriad of activities and experiences tailored for their age and developmental stage, we offer a unique blend of support, engagement and stimulation, ensuring a positive start to their lifelong learning journey.

Two kids playing with playdough in childcare centre
Little girl playing in tunnel after sliding down

Providing a Holistic Approach to Your Child's Development

When it comes to childcare, we believe in a comprehensive educational approach that nurtures children intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.

At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Ashmore, we foster a learning environment that encourages curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. We integrate elements of nature, play and other innovative learning experiences into our daily programs to cultivate well-rounded children who are ready to explore and contribute to the world around them.

Quality Daycare for Ages Six Weeks to Five Years

At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Ashmore, we are committed to quality childcare for children from six weeks to five years. Our early learning centre provides superior day care services, with age-specific learning programs designed to cater to the unique needs and interests of each child.

Our dedicated daycare educators strive to create a warm, secure and stimulating environment where children can learn, grow and flourish, so you can rest assured your child will be in great hands.

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Early learning teacher helping child walk on log

STEAM & The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

We are committed to providing cutting-edge early learning experiences. Our curriculum is built upon the foundations of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

This balanced approach promotes problem-solving, creativity and collaboration – essential skills for the children of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our educators seamlessly weave elements of STEAM and EYLF into everyday activities, to ignite imagination, stimulate curiosity and invite innovation.

Why Choose Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure

Choosing a daycare or childcare provider is an important decision, and at Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Ashmore, we strive to make it an easy one. We offer an engaging, stimulating and safe environment for your child to explore and learn. Our highly trained team of educators is passionate about creating meaningful relationships with each child and their family, supporting them throughout their early learning journey.

Our experienced teaching team has a deep passion for Early Childhood Education and are committed to planning and providing detailed developmental pathways for all children in our care. Our unique approach to early learning, combined with our commitment to quality childcare, makes us an ideal choice for your family. At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Ashmore, we are more than just a daycare – we are a community dedicated to fostering lifelong learning in budding young minds.

Two babies crawling through tunnel in early learning centre

Frequently Asked Questions

• Devoted, professionally qualified, experienced staff
• Meaningful relationships and high-quality care
• Purpose built natural environments for exploration and play
• Nutritional meals from our seasonal menu – prepared on site by our very own chef and reviewed by a nutritionist!
• Nappies, wipes, sunscreen
• Protective hat, t-shirt, drink bottle and sheet set for each child
• Storypark – a private online learning platform which allows you to see your child’s day through an app on your phone
• Government Approved Kindergarten Program, delivered by our qualified Early Childhood Teacher
• Incursions including music classes (all ages), sports/dance/yoga (once 3 years old) at no additional cost to families

Just minutes from the Gold Coast’s CBD, Ashmore is located centrally to the local school hub of Ashmore State School, Trinity Lutheran College and Benowa State School, for ease of parents with school drop offs. Conveniently located on Freda Street, just off Ashmore Road, Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Ashmore is positioned within easy reach of several schools and shopping centres.

We welcome children as young as six weeks up to the age of five years at our centre. We specially design learning programs tailored each child’s unique needs, including their age group and developmental stage.

At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Ashmore, we believe in a holistic approach to child development. We integrate elements of play, nature and innovative learning experiences in our everyday programs to stimulate curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. We nurture every child’s, social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing to cultivate well-rounded individuals ready to explore their world.

We strongly believe in offering cutting-edge learning experiences. Our curriculum is built upon the foundations of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our curriculum fosters problem-solving, creativity and collaboration, equipping children with essential skills for their future.

Quality childcare is at the heart of our early learning centre. Our dedicated team of educators create a warm, secure and stimulating environment for children to learn, grow and flourish. We strive to ignite their imagination and curiosity, providing them with the tools they need to become lifelong learners.

At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Ashmore, we prioritise creating a community that extends beyond day care. With us, every child is valued, and their individuality is celebrated. Choosing us means entrusting your child to a team of passionate educators committed to their development. Our innovative and carefully designed curriculum embraces the best of STEAM and EYLF, fostering in children a love for learning and exploration. Our team’s commitment to forming strong, meaningful connections with each family ensures a supportive and consistent environment for your child’s growth and development.

You can view our Kindergarten Statement of Fees here.

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