Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure value the connection that we all have to the world around us. We see the environment as the third teacher. We encourage respect and understanding for the natural environment and do this through everyday practice.

Children Watering Plants — Early Learning Centre Maudsland,QLD

Making a Positive Difference

At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure, our programming emphasises the connection between people, plants, animals and the land. All of our centres have vegetable gardens and we encourage children to reuse and recycle to all help do our part to protect our world. Our educators spend time with the children showing how each child can make a positive difference.

We aim to make a positive difference on the world, as the future generations will be the ones who are left to take care of our earth we believe it is our responsibility to encourage children to protect our world.

Sustainability & Recycling

We encourage our children, teaching teams, families and community to be mindful and respectful of the environment they live in. This is done through a strategic Sustainability Action Plan that each of our centres Green Team work to implement. Some of the goals of the Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) are:

We also have available a range of resources, books, posters, games, puzzles & science resources to support their learning.

Little Kid Gardening — Early Learning Centre Maudsland,QLD
Children Walking in Forest — Early Learning Centre Maudsland,QLD

Wildlife and Animal Rescue Support

Through working with local animal Sanctuaries and wildlife rescue groups such as Green Heroes, we strive to care and support all living things. This is done through regular adopt an animal programs and educational resources that support the wildlife rescue and hospitals. Cultivating relationships with animals will enable children to foster a caring approach and sense of responsibility, further supporting their development of empathy.

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