The importance of your childcare team

February 17, 2023

We know that choosing the right childcare is a considered and information gathering process. As you work out what is best for you and your family, understanding what you need from the childcare team at your centre is essential.

Your childcare team are providing stimulating learning opportunities, creating provocations for play and observing and extending your child’s learning and development. Knowing who you are leaving your child or children with is really important.

Let’s look at what sits behind the importance of our childcare team as a collective!


Within each centre we have a Leadership Team and a Teaching Team. Our Sanctuary Leadership Teams drive quality improvement across the centre and guide and mentor the Teaching Teams. Our Leadership Teams are made up of the Director and Assistant Director, Early Childhood Teachers and our Educational Leader. 

Our teaching teams work directly with the children and are made up of Lead Educators who are responsible for developing the curriculum and formally documenting each child’s learning and development, along with our Educators who support with the delivery of the program and the documentation. 

As with any home, part of our philosophy is that we believe the heart of the centre is the kitchen. Our qualified Sanctuary Chef not only prepares delicious and nutritious meals for our children, but they are also engage with the children throughout the day in the classrooms and in the garden. 

Our teams are diverse in skillset, experience and education which creates a well-balanced environment for our children.

Our educators hold either their Certificate III in Early Childhood Education, their Diploma in Early Childhood Education or a Bachelor of Early Childhood. Most of our team hold these qualifications however we support the continued professional development of our teams and offer opportunities for them to gain these qualifications while working with us. 

The importance of this education ensures the teams building the early years with your child are educated and equipped with the knowledge and understanding on how to approach challenging and exciting scenarios.


Aside from our centres being a safe place to provide learning experiences to your children, they are a workplace. We expect our teams to work together with respect to themselves, each other, our children and our families.


Our Sanctuary Values are Connect, Collaborate and Respect. When we are looking to fill positions within our teams, we are looking for people who align with these values and our Sanctuary Philosophy. We feel our values connect us with our families and help form strong bonds in our teams.


The importance of teamwork in a childcare setting is vital. Teamwork encourages transparency and communication and with all of these things create environments that run peacefully for our children.

Teamwork also contributes to a positive team culture. 

Family owned and operated

One of our greatest differences to other centres is the owners actually work for Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure. Damian and Lauren actively travel to each centre once a month and work with our Leadership Teams to exceed in all aspects of their day-to-day business.

They are in communication weekly and really encourage each centre to exceed in their education, behaviour, values, teamwork and more!

Their vision for Sanctuary is to keep running at a size that is more manageable than a large family! You know those cousins you haven’t seen in more than ten years – they don’t want that to happen!

Staying true to the Sanctuary values and philosophy is at the core of their beliefs.   

Having a strong childcare team in each of our Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure centres is important to us. Not only do we want your children to feel loved, safe, secure and happy – we want our teams to come to work every day loving the work they are doing as part of the Sanctuary Family and actively making a positive and memorable difference in the lives of your little ones.

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