Sanctuary Maudsland’s Kindergarten teachers are the new dynamic duo!

March 18, 2024

There’s a new dynamic duo in town, preparing Sanctuary Maudsland’s children for prep – and our guess is they’ll be the most prepared in the Maudsland area.

For Mr Stuart and Miss Sara, teaching isn’t just a job – it’s a passion to guide, support and explore alongside confident and competent children.

With almost thirty years of experience between the two of them in both early childhood education and care and primary education; they’re full of exciting ideas and opportunities for the 2024 Sanctuary Maudsland Kindergarten Programs.

Having spent their last few years in primary education, they both uniquely describe what caught their eyes and hearts when first discovering Sanctuary Maudsland; for Stuart it was the children having their own voice and choice, being independent and having skills.

“It was the little points like the water pump in the playground that the big kids can pump for the little kids to have – my heart melts at moments like that!” he said.

Sara just loves that the centre feels like a home away from home.

“We have the really lovely big pieces of furniture; and the children serve themselves at mealtimes – a lot of children in many centres don’t get the opportunity to be as independent as they are here,” she said.

The excitement for their environments only starts there, as the two discuss how their teaching styles complement the space, the children and the school readiness that they are both so focussed on for the children across both of their studios.

“As a teacher, I am basically all about following children’s interests – grabbing those little teachable moments and running with it,” says Mr Stuart.

“I have a theatre background, so I am very ‘yes….and?’”

This approach has already created an environment of intrigue and discovery for our children, with the pair sharing a moment that had already transpired in the morning of children creating a new voice and speaking very dramatically amongst each other in their play.

For Miss Sara, she describes the joy and spark in the eyes of a child in the way that has you hanging off every word.

“It is very intriguing to see how the children see the world through their eyes…to me I just believe as a teacher we have such an important role to scaffold that,” she says.

So, what do our Sanctuary Maudsland Kindergarten children have to look forward to in 2024?

“Forest Kindergartens – I love that philosophy. So getting out and being in a creek and getting muddy and climbing a tree and just experiencing life – I am the sort of person that’s like ‘let’s do it!’” Stuart says with so much excitement.

“I love excursions, I can’t wait to explore the children’s interests through excursions. I am really excited to dive deep into that,” Sara adds.

With the two studios working together so collaboratively, a lot of adventure, magic and creativity is already pouring out of the walls.

We can’t give too much away as it will spoil some surprises, but we promise it will be the most memorable adventure our Sanctuary Maudsland Kindergarten children have ever been on.

If you want to know more about Sanctuary Maudsland, give them a call on 07 5551 6729 or pop in and check it out for yourself – they’re located at 182 Maudsland Road, Maudsland.

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