What is the Early Years Learning Framework?

Navigating the complexities of early childhood education may seem overwhelming. Frameworks like the EYLF not only provide parents with a clear path for guiding children but also offer a deeper insight into the development process. The EYLF isn’t just a guide—it’s a holistic approach to early childhood education shaped by a comprehensive understanding of children’s […]

The Importance of STEAM in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education plays an important role in shaping a child’s future, and incorporating STEAM activities into their learning journey can have a profound impact on their development. In this blog, we will explore the significance of STEAM in early childhood education and delve deeper into how it cultivates skills that prepare children for success […]

Children Learning Through Music: Reasons Why Music is Essential in Childcare

When it comes to childcare, incorporating music into daily routines goes beyond just entertainment. It’s a powerful tool for learning, growth and development. The nuances of rhythms, melodies and harmonies offer a number of benefits in childcare. In this blog, we’ll explore the profound impact of music on children’s learning and discuss the reasons why […]

Excursions in child care

Excursions in child care you say? How much FUN! While classrooms are essential learning spaces, the transformative power of excursions cannot be underestimated. These enriching and interactive experiences outside the classroom play a pivotal role in enhancing a child’s cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. At Sanctuary, we encourage excursions across all of our age […]

What is the best age to start childcare?

The journey into the world of parenting is exciting, scary and filled with so many amazing moments. Among these, you may find is the first day of childcare. Starting childcare is a big journey itself and one that is incredibly personal and unique to each family, but at some stage conversations will start and will […]

The Advantages Of Art In Early Childhood

The early years of a child’s life are filled with excitement, curiosity, and boundless energy. It is during this time that they begin to develop their cognitive, emotional, and social skills. One way to encourage this growth is through the introduction of art into their daily lives. Art allows children to express themselves, explore new […]


Two kids with a hat — Blog in Ashmore, QLD

Through everyday practice we are committed to actively caring and connecting with Country, this involves respectfully learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, philosophies, and practices, as well as physically demonstrating respect for the skies, waterways and land on which we live and learn.

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