November 15, 2018

We all know that reading brings many benefits to our lives. But are you mindful of the benefits of reading to your children regularly? Scientific evidence suggests that reading to your child between the crucial developmental age of 1 to 3 brings vast benefits to their future growth, understanding and interaction with the world.  

Research suggests that toddlers who are read to often, manage better as they transition into independent reading and writing. Reading to your toddler will help them to develop essential book reading skills, from turning a page, reading left to right, to mastering the spelling of their own names. After toddlerhood, these skills will translate into improved knowledge and confidence when your young one is forging his or her individual path in life.

Here are some of the key benefits that we at Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure believe your toddler can gain from engaging in daily reading time:

Fast-tracked development of reading skills

Set your toddler up to read independently, sooner rather than later by reading aloud to them throughout their early years. This will help them to develop key reading skills that will fast-track their success in mastering the basics of communication in the English language. Reading to your toddler often, will expand their vocabulary and improve their language acquisition skills. Hearing words pronounced properly and regularly will enhance their ability to understand, communicate and to later read and write on their own. This is just one of the many benefits of reading books for toddlers.

Improved language skills

The foundation of language skill is built in the early years of life. Why leave it up to your toddler to develop these skills alone? Help them along the way by taking the time to read a story each night. This will ensure that their speech skills and understanding of speech develops sooner; which will translate into greater reading and writing skills and may give them an advantage over their peer group.  Reading books for your toddler is the first step in developing great communication skills.

Enriched communication skills

No matter what your child wishes to do in the future, no matter what their definition of success may look like; they will need solid communication skills and an excellent command of written and spoken English to help them on their path to success. We know that the early years are the most important to a child’s development, and if you read to your toddler on a daily basis this will provide them with greater skills to understand the world around them and in turn, communicate effectively with it. The key to success in any endeavour is great communication skills and you can help your toddler get started by reading a few chapters to them each night.

Enhanced understanding of the world

By reading a few chapters to your toddler each night, you can help them to enhance and develop their understanding of the world around them. Children are naturally curious and love to learn about the world and the diversity within it. Reading to your child will introduce them to new concepts and be sure to stimulate their natural curiosity and imagination which will assist them to transition from babyhood to toddlerhood. This greater understanding can help them manage their fears and deal with the many challenges of toddlerhood, such as fighting the monsters under the bed or tying their shoes.

Greater creativity and imagination

Creativity and imagination are an important part of your child’s development. As you read to your child, the words, descriptions and ideas become pictures in their mind which will allow them to cultivate their imagination. An enriched imagination can improve their ability to be creative. Development of creativity and imagination will form the basis for their ability to offer creative solutions to the world’s ever-changing demands.

Higher levels of emotional intelligence

Reading books to your toddler can illustrate a range of human emotion and culture, which will allow them to see, feel and understand the way humans interact with one another. This will help to develop their understanding of the feelings that they experience in everyday life. An increased understanding of the nature of the human experience through the common knowledge found in books, will help them begin to develop emotional, intellectual and social maturity.  

Increased empathy and understanding of others

Every story conveys the author’s morals, attitudes, values and beliefs, developed through their own interpretation of society and human existence. Whichever story you chose to read your child will have an influence on them and their subconscious understanding of the world. Reading stories to your toddler will help them to recognise ethics, and will allow them to advance their understanding and empathy for other human beings.  

Enhanced concentration

The ability to concentrate on a specific topic at a given point in time is a valuable skill that we often take for granted. This ability, is something that we learn to a varying degree, and will be called upon at many points in our life. Reading to your toddler will assist them to develop this ability to concentrate on specific concepts and to actively listen, which will be of great benefit to their ongoing learning experiences.

Improved parent child bonding

Reading with your toddler each night after the hustle and bustle of a busy day can help you to relax and unwind while bonding in a positive way that will remain with you for years to come. Many toddlers report that their favourite thing to do is to read with mum or dad. Dedicated reading time will not only demonstrate your love but will improve your personal relationship, which will help your child to nurture natural, healthy and loving relationships with other children.  

Tips for the unruly toddler

Reading stories to your toddler can be challenging at times, as they often don’t like to sit still and partake in quiet reading time. But reading doesn’t have to be boring and can be perceived as fun if you get creative, and chose the right books that hold the interest of your little one. Try giving your toddler the option to choose the book, and depending on the age of your toddler, opt for books with plenty of images and simple, easy to read text to get them interacting with the book. To make story time more fun you can try substituting your toddler’s name for the character’s name and get animated, sing along, clap and talk about the illustrations.

The above nine points illustrate just a few of the immense benefits that can be gained from reading to your toddler, and this is why we at Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure believe wholeheartedly in reading to your toddler as often as you can.

We incorporate reading time into our daily kindergarten schedule and endeavour to make every day an engaging adventure for your toddler. Sanctuary is a place where your toddler will be nurtured and given the best opportunity to grow their mind and body; helping them to become the best person they can be, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Contact one of our early learning and childcare centres today to see how your child’s early years can be a learned adventure! Our centres are located in Mermaid Waters, Buderim and Bentley Park so hopefully you will have a centre just around the corner.

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