February 21, 2019

Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure is the best child care centre out there, for many reasons. Sanctuary is a privately owned and operated learning adventure. As parents ourselves, we understand the trust you are placing with us when enrolling your child. Our commitment to you is that we will provide a safe and nurturing environment, while delivering the highest quality program and meaningful experiences. We believe that the value of play in each child’s development is vital, so at Sanctuary each day incorporates learning and fun.

Our vision is to make a difference each day in every child’s life by providing the very best opportunities to develop their active minds and bodies.

‍Here are just a few of the reasons why you should enrol your children at Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure:‍

1. Collaborative approach to learning‍

Strong partnerships with families are key to ensuring we are connecting with each child’s home life. We believe that families should endeavour to expand upon children’s learning and development experiences when they are at home. By building these relationships with families, we can better understand each child’s and family’s needs and work collaboratively and in harmony.

Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure is extremely proud to support a range of Community Partnerships such as Act for Kids and Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia. We are passionate about giving back, and believe the success of a community comes from supporting each other.

2. Qualified, passionate educators‍

All of our Educators are highly qualified and have their own individual philosophy centred around the best outcomes for each individual child, while also adhering to the national guidelines set out on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

3. Loving, supportive and positive environment‍

Overall our goal is to create amazing environments which are engaging and fun for each child to enjoy, feel love and happiness whilst developing their intellectual, physical, social and cultural needs. 

4. Safe, clean, state of the art playground and learning centre‍

Sanctuary’s child care centres are all brand new tailored spaces that are built from scratch with love, adventure and education in mind. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that your child’s learning space is clean, safe and encouraging of inquisitive and adventurous play and learning experiences.   

5. Weekly music classes‍

Music is an essential part of children’s development. All of the songs used in our music sessions are positive, uplifting, fun and educational. The interactive sessions will help your child gain confidence as well as develop memory, language and co-ordination skills in an enjoyable, multi-sensory way.

6. Practice of Good Nutrition, Sport, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness‍

Good health and wellbeing are essential for all children’s development. At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure each child’s cultural and nutritional needs are catered for, with all meals cooked onsite daily.

Each of our centres has ample outdoor space to encourage your child to engage in sport and regular physical activities. This will get their mind and body working in unison.

Just as nutrition and sports are important for development in these early years, yoga, meditation and mindfulness are also imperative. We include regular yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice into our curriculum so that your child is given the very best tools to succeed in life at an early stage. 

7. Innovative creative, curriculum‍

Our curriculum is innovative and creative! Children at Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure are given opportunities to master new challenges while they are learning in our safe and calm environments. Our learning programs are designed to be emergent in nature. Through reflective practices, they are guided toward their own personal interests and needs.

Children love to dance! At Sanctuary we extend on this interest through regular dance classes for children from 3 years. With a major emphasis on fun and creating confidence, this gives children a further look into the benefits of dance.

Art work is also a focus in our curriculum that stimulates your child’s creativity. Throughout the year families will be involved in some of these experiences and given artwork to watch how your child is developing creatively and these will be captured throughout our online Storypark portfolio so you can see these as they unfold each day.

8. Sustainability focused

Sanctuary Early Learning emphasises the connection between people, plants, animals and the land. All of our centres have vegetable gardens and we encourage children to reuse and recycle in order to help protect our world. Our educators spend time with all our, children showing how each one can make a positive difference with their actions. 

9. Queensland Government Kindergarten Approved Program‍

Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure’s Kindergarten Approved Program is proudly supported by the Queensland government. We are very innovative, creative, modern and we provide the absolute highest levels of education, experiences and care. You can rest assured in knowing that we are making a positive impact on your child’s development.

Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure centres are committed to providing top quality early education for your child. We believe that we have a great method for developing well rounded, happy and positive children. Come in and speak to one of our educators at one of our beautiful early learning centres to see for yourself why we are the best child care centre out there.

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